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Arteco Estrela

Baía Formosa, RN, Brasil

Estrela means "a star"

Delight your senses with a unique combination of nature, art and sports in one of the most exquisite areas of the Brazilian Northeast.

Arteco Camp

Lose yourself in lively music outdoors on a Brazilian beach at sunset. Check out our events calendar. There’s almost always something going on. Come and see for yourself!


Arteco Estrela offers plenty of outdoor activities and is the perfect place for practising water sports, especially kite surfing.


The core of the Arteco Estrela project is full integration with nature, where the residential, sport, and leisure facilities coexist in harmony with the local environment's natural features.


Since our founder, Greg Hajdarowicz, fell in love with this little paradise on Earth, we have made every effort to develop practical solutions to protect the environment and support the local community.


We offer designer residences on an expansive property with numerous natural attractions, a range of renowned artistic events, and a sustainable lifestyle. Private Atlantic beaches, unique flora and fauna, favourable winds, sunshine all year round, the sky full of stars - the site has all the advantages to generate demand among new generation customers, driven by art, sports, and leisure.