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Arteco Camp


To further increase the appeal of the developed projects, following the first edition of Tropical Burn in 2019 and the ongoing annual FINC Film Festival (since 2010), a comprehensive agenda with many sports, arts, and cultural events has been created. It will be a vital element in attracting visitors looking for more than just a beach vacation. Adding creativity to tourism is a good diversification strategy, particularly in the field of cultural tourism – creating new events and festivals and offering animations to static attractions are effective marketing tools in today's tourism industry. The property will also serve as a location for a kitesurfing documentary film, prepared in collaboration with Woodpecker MP.

Events Calendar

  • March 2023 - MUNDO JAM FESTIVAL

  • April 2023 - ARTECO JAZZ FEST

  • May 2023 - KITE & SAND FESTIVAL

  • June 2023 - STREET ART FIRE FEST


  • August 2023 - KITESURFING CAMP

  • September 2023 - “MY WAY TO PARADISE” Kitesurfing Documentary & Estrela Kite Challenge

  • December 2023 - FINC XIV (Festival Internacional de Cinema de Baia Formosa)


In order to accommodate the participants of the events, but also to offer a temporary alternative for guests, one part of the Eco Estrela land has been chosen to hold a camping site with facilities and amenities. The spot will be located near the festival area.


The following equipment will be distributed in this area:

  • Women's and men's restrooms
  • Men's and women's dressing rooms
  • Administrative and washing
  • Gallery for multiple use
  • Common kitchen for campers
  • Men's and women's restrooms in the stage area
  • Stage
  • Area for motorhomes
  • Waste center