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Future Horizon

Future Horizon, a global initiative fostering a regenerative future, is helping Arteco Estrela replant the Atlantic rainforest. This pilot project can expand within the land (total 24 km2 / 6,000 acres) and beyond once viability is proven.

Rainforest area in the Arteco Estrela site.

Mata Atlântica

Arteco Estrela's regeneration project aims to revive the Mata Atlântica, a biodiverse forest native to the region. Essential for the ecosystem, it provides water purification, climate regulation, and a habitat for unique plant and animal life. Additionally, the Mata Atlântica plays a crucial role in preserving coastlines by stabilizing shores, preventing erosion and storm damage, and acting as a natural filter for sediment and pollutants before reaching the ocean.

  The Mata Atlântica covers an area of more than 1.2 milion square kilometers.

Tree planting

In collaboration with Arteco Estrela, the Swell project and Escola Municipal Manoel dos Santos embarked on a tree planting initiative. They planted a diverse array of 100 trees, including Massaranduba, Yellow Ipe, Jenipapo, Lemon Wood, Ironwood, White Ipe, Pink Ipe, Mutamba, Caraúba, and Cupiúba. The school and Swell project each contributed 50 trees. Ninety enthusiastic children (40 from the school and 50 from Swell) participated in the initiative and learned about the importance of environmental protection.

The Swell

Escola Mages

Planned regeneration

Area of planned regeneration on the Arteco Estrela site.

A substantial part of Fazenda Arteco Estrela is designated as a pristine nature reserve, untouched by civilization. This reserve will encompass green areas dedicated to restoring the original Atlantic Forest. The regeneration area spans three sections, totaling 179.09 hectares.