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Invest in Brazil's
Hospitality Sector

Brazil 5th largest country

In 2016 ranked 12th worldwide in terms of the number of wealthy inhabitants (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and High Net Worth Indiviuals). The current economic outlook according to the OECD is considered to be positive, with investor confidence recovering slightly and political uncertainty diminishing.

Unexplored by
international tourism

Brazil attracts ca. 5.5 million overseas visitors per year, a growing but still very small number compared to other nations more firmly established on the global trotting map. For a country of its size, natural beauty, tropical climate and increasing global stature it is woefully underperforming in the global marketplace. There is untapped potential for Brazilian tourism and related opportunities for investment in the hospitality industry for the medium to long-term future.


Country with world-class beaches, the magical Amazonian rain-forest, iconic cities such as Rio de Janeiro and wonderfully vibrant, colourful and welcoming people.

Potential for Investment

Arises from: 1) Brazilian middle-class who demands  better quality hospitality standards and services, 2) an international market that will come in higher numbers when given the right incentives (international prestige and luxury resorts).

According, to the “Brazil Hotel Industry Snapshot” by John Dean, Brazil Beach House Ltda and Advanced Hospitality international LLC top reasons to invest in Brazil’s hospitality sector are:

  • Fabulous tropical environment;
  • All-year-round warm sunny climate especially in the Northeast of the country;
  • Huge domestic market;
  • Great potential for long term growth internationally;
  • Accessibility and infrastructure of airports and highways linking the Brazilian coastline;
  • Taxation on Brazilian hotel revenue is relatively low at 16%;
  • As a foreign investor opportunity to buy a property without the neccesity for a Brazilian partner / shareholder;

Health and Wellness
as Opportunity

The next trillion-dollar industry

  • Health and wellness represents an enormous opportunity for brands to elevate the travel experience for rising legions of health-conscious consumers.
  • Touted as the next trillion-dollar industry, health and wellness touches everything from fitness and healthy eating, to spas, workplace wellness, alternative medicine, beauty & anti-aging.
  • Best brands implementing a variety of strategies to expose their brands to exciting new growth opportunities in the health and wellness sector. Their expertise enables them to go above and beyond the typical wellness offering of morning yoga classes and healthy food options, and integrate the medical evaluations needed to take personalised healthy-living programming to the next level.

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